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Neochange's User Metabolism™Analytics uncover actionable insights that drive end user success, more optimized user services and greater return on your SAP® investment.

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Start with our free BASELINE to prioritize investments that improve user productivity and effective consumption. As you move through your journey our User Metabolism™ analytics platform absorbs and transforms increasing levels of machine and service data to produce insight that Powers your business. Start your Journey to the Power Zone today.

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Case Study: McKesson's SAP® User Sustainment Program Neochange's User Metabolism™ Analytics delivers over $10M in benefits
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Neochange's User Metabolism™ Analytics platform is used as the backbone to a highly impactful User Sustainment Program at McKesson.

The results lead to over $10M in savings and McKesson IT being recognized as the 2012 SAP® Education Best Practice Award winner.

"The big challenge when you have a lot of data is what you do with it. Thats the magic of User Metabolism™ Matrix"
Claudia Faerber, User Sustainment Manager, McKesson
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