ASUG TV Interview. Success of the Data!

We had big hopes going into this year’s Sapphire event for topics focused on the end-user.  While the majority of user centric discussions revolved around new usability initiatives driven by SAP, we definitely noticed a rise in the number of companies discussing their user / change programs.  We were lucky enough to be interviewed live by Tom Wailgum from ASUG News.

If you don’t have time to watch the short video, the key themes discussed included:

  • User-led business transformation
  • Inverted support models (aka super users first)
  • Data-driven approach to Super User selection
  • Proactive user education services driven by data

Tom summed up the interview with the tag line “success of the data”, but we were happy to know that the data was just a means and “user success” prevailed.

Check out the interview below.