Beware the Faux User Errors

After 10+ years of selling their “User Error” approach for SAP education service providers - Knoa still has very few meaningful success stories.  This is not for a lack of trying.  There have been many attempts to deploy and support user education programs.  The real problem is that the Knoa “user error” approach is inherently flawed.  While focusing on user errors sounds logical, the errors need to actually impact user productivity and /or business results in a negative manner for subsequent education services to be worthwhile. 

Knoa’s “User Errors” are just application messages

Unfortunately what Knoa software tags as SAP “User Errors” are simply application messages.  Application messages that are more accurately characterized as input controls.  In effect these application messages do little to enhance the value of a user education program.  Here are some examples of common application messages highlighted by Knoa.

  • "User Error"
  • MD04: "Please check input parameters"
  • FB03: "Posting is only possible with zero balance, correct the document"
  • S000: "Name or password is incorrect (repeat logon)"

The dominant issue that the Knoa “user error” message data uncovers is users attempting to save/update transactions with incomplete information.  Sometimes this is unintentional and suggests a user education issue, but as the system is already ensuring data accuracy is maintained as evidenced by this message prompt, then there is little value in using this information for education targeting.  Help Desk data would be superior and cheaper.

At other times the user intentionally leaves fields blank as a form of input laziness. Letting the SAP instance remind them of the necessary fields.  We have seen this repeatedly, and users that have high levels of “user errors” as per Knoa often get their data input completed much faster than users that take their time and ensure that data input is 100% complete on the first go.  Sounds counterintuitive, but users have a way of making these application configurations work for them!

Neochange focuses on real user performance issues

The Neochange approach was created from our 10+ years of user adoption consulting experience in the field, and since we launched our User MetabolismTM algorithms we have processed over 2.5 billion user transactions to refine our approach and metrics.

At its simplest, we analyze the relative levels of user consumption and usage efficiency (see User MetabolismTM Matrix below) in the context of business processes.  We also focus on very specific problems at the user transaction level such as help requests, canceled transactions and rework.  Taking a relative and user specific approach to user performance ensures that we target user problems that are the cause of economic losses and business knowledge risk.

Avoid the Knoa Faux Errors for User Education 

If you want to focus on system performance issues, you only have desktop users and you can convince your IT organization to put a monitoring agent on every user’s desktop – then Knoa is for you.  If you want to focus on user success and optimize your limited user education investments, then try our low-friction, 100% coverage SAP User Metabolism analytics and avoid the Faux Errors.