The Compounding Power of User Data

Very few organizations have constant monitoring of their user performance so it is difficult to appreciate the value of collecting a complete usage history over time.  To oversimplify, the key benefits of accumulating usage data fall into two buckets.

Constant Change requires complete Visibility

Without the completeness of ongoing data;

  1. Causes of user performance issues are hidden and cannot be addressed quickly enough.
  2. Results of remediation actions are obscured preventing real-time course corrections

Valuable Decisions require More Confidence

Difficult and costly decisions suffer from a lack of supporting data, when squeaky wheels and myths prevail this lead to costly mistakes or even worse: decision-making paralysis.

Completeness of coverage coupled with long data capture time horizons leads to;

  1. Higher credibility with stakeholders on big ticket and strategic decisions
  2. Improved risk management, lowers the probability of making false and wrong choices.

Real World Examples

  • Eliminated $500K development project by teaching 70% of the user base how to copy Power User workflow
  • Identified non-compliant CRM usage to reduce revenues losses $200K per quarter
  • Uncovered/removed material coverage gaps in QA environment of Financial Application
  • Reduced / delayed payments to support vendor by proving real user experience impacts of poor support
  • Reduced the cost of audit compliance by monitoring critical transactions during month-end close
  • Reduce change management delivery costs by identifying user adoption risks from 12 months of usage
  • Restructured user access rights to reduce business risks and avoid $1million in software maintenance charges