Cameron International Process Program on ASUGTV

City of Edmonton and McKesson win 2015 Best in Class Super User award

McKesson's User Sustainment program wins service award from their CEO

SAPinsight 2014 Super User Progam Winner

“For us, having the Neochange data has turned the tables from us being perceived as a ‘training - fluffy thing’ to being seen as a data-driven strategic partner.”
— Julie Fawdington Manager, Super User Development Team, Cameron

Powered by Neochange User Metabolism™ Analytics

Congratulations to the team from Cameron, for winning best Super User program as voted by attendees, at the 2014 SAPinsight Super User Conference in Dallas.

Cameron’s Super User program relies on Neochange’s User Analytics to demonstrate business impact, and to drive business process transformation.



Watch Neochange CEO, Chris Dowse, and Manager - Super User Development Team at Cameron, Julie Fawdington, discuss the power of Neochange's User Analytics in driving Cameron's proactive user-support model.


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