How long will it take to get usable data?

For initial collection of STAT data, and production of our User Metabolism™ baseline, we plan for a 2 month timeline. Within this time, there are two main components to consider.

The first is the timeline for installing and testing the Reader in your SAP® QA environment, and then promoting the Reader to the SAP® production servers through your change control process. We plan 1 month for these activities, but this can vary depending on your testing and approval processes. This time can be significantly less based on desire to have the Reader installed in Production and capturing the usage stream for analysis.

This leads to the second component, allowing the Reader to collect data over a sufficient time period to support actionable decisions from our User Metabolism™ analytics. Typically we recommend a 1 month period for this data collection.


Are there data privacy issues concering Neochange's analytics?

The Reader does not collect any information that is not already available to your staff today through the STAD and ST03N transactions. As such it does not create any additional privacy concerns beyond what your business experiences today. To be perfectly clear, the STAT records do not provide any confidential information about a client’s customers such as company name, location, and contact. It is purely the usage behavior of the client’s SAP® end-users.

However, European Union countires do have different data privacy policies compared to the United States, so the same considerations your company gives to the presentation of information on European employees applies to Neochange's User Metabolism™ Analytics.


What is the performance impact of the Reader?

The Reader has been designed to ensure that the reading of STAT files has a minimal demand on your SAP® server. In fact running the Reader demands less of your application server than your current end-users that execute ST03N today.


What BASIS component versions is the Reader compatible with?

The Reader works with BASIS component versions 7.00 through 7.40