Obsessed With User Success.

For over 15+ years Neochange has been advising the leading buyers and sellers of enterprise applications on how to improve user adoption.

We believe that User Metabolism™ – the process by which users consume enterprise technology to create business results – has become the most important hidden leadership challenge today. This belief comes from understanding that:

  1. Business competition today is completely dependent on enterprise software adoption
  2. The potential value of technology is realized through successful end user adoption
  3. The best employees will choose to work with companies that put them at the center of their enterprise technology decisions

We have always seen enterprise software adoption as a test of our client’s change leadership skills and that belief is embedded in our user adoption analytics and services. After impacting the adoption experience of millions of users we have a deep appreciation of the fact that users are the key driver of business productivity and competitiveness.

We provide unique insights that enable the success of enterprise software users.