How We Work
Your Journey to the Power Zone
Collect & Connect We start by collecting usage data from within your SAP® instance. We have reduced the friction of capturing this data by working with SAP® to bring you an SAP® certified integration. We connect this usage data to your Support, Education, and Change Management data.
Enrich This usage data is then fed into and enriched by Neochange’s User Metabolismâ„¢ Analytics platform. Using sophisticated proprietary algorithms, the raw usage logs of SAP® users are enriched and transformed to create powerful insights into user efficiency and consumption.
Prioritize These insights are delivered via a range of customizable analytic workbooks that show the economic impact of low user efficiency and poor software consumption. From these workbooks, we recommend a plan of action to optimize your user service strategy and investments.
Monitor Progress We allow affordable ongoing performance monitoring during your journey to the POWER ZONE so you can make the right decisions and take the necessary corrective actions to ensure user success. Benchmarking adoption rates and user efficiency enables user service providers to market the value of their impact.
SAP Certified