The Great IT Choke has stalled software benefits

Neochange has been tracking user adoption levels for 10+ years.  Effective usage rates have stalled as companies have invested increasingly in software that is fully dependent on end-users.  This Great IT Choke is costing 17% of end-user's time being and at these levels user losses outweigh a company’s entire IT spend.

The reality is that most organizations know very little about their employee's software usage - who uses what, which features add value, who their Power Users are, and so on. There are just too many unknowns when it comes to user consumption and efficiency.

Enterprise software customers are looking for a way to understand the economic consequences of this problem and how they can achieve higher ROI via better user adoption.

Companies in the Power Zone are performing better

The 2012 Adoption Insight Report also found that some of the companies surveyed have managed to achieve high rates of effective usage without negatively impacting end-users. These companies have reached the POWER ZONE.

This Power Zone is characterized by more mature end-user services, better use of end-user support technologies and higher IT service satisfaction scores.

But more importantly the Power Zone delivers 24% higher business productivity as measured by revenue per employee against industry peers in the DRAG ZONE.

Neochange’s User Metabolism™ Analytics Solution is designed to drive customers to the POWER ZONE where they can achieve higher business productivity.