A powerful solution for organization’s looking to improve their end-user productivity by more than 2.5%.

Blue Insight can be purchased as a one-time offering that will accelerate and optimize existing user adoption programs or as an annual subscription that monitors the progress of 100% of your end-users.


Measure User Performance

Insight Action Power
Assess the value of user consumption and productivity short falls Smart prioritization of end-user service Optimize the ROI of user performance investments

Modernize Change Management

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Identify high risk users and predict the potential impact of software changes on user performance Plan more targeted and impactful change management activities Reduce change risk and the time to return users to pre-change performance levels

Enable Proactive Education

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Identify struggling users that would otherwise remain hidden Proactivley connect struggling users to high performing users Exceed expectations by servicing 100% of users and before they call for help

Benchmark Process Adoption

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Uncover valuable adoption patterns from high performing users Share best practices across organizational and functional groups Communicate the value of your service impact to the broader organization

Optimize User Programs

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Know the required levels of end user support by power users Recruit hidden power users and share their competence Reduce business knowledge risk and lift user competence